Sunday, 3 January 2010

Who Lives At Home?

The new year is fresh. A new decade. 2010. I like this number because, first, I prefer even numbers to odd, and second, there's a sort of balance that fatty and round 2009 didn't touch and stickly 2011 won't hold. Thirdly, 2010 comes out of the mouth with ease. Twenty. Ten. Boom. Done. No need to explain further.

My decade starts out, comfortably in the paid-for, well-heated, spacious, isolated, clean, car-dependent cocoon of my parents' home in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I must start out that it's a pretty sweet gig, all things considered. My parents and I get a long relatively well, and they don't really demand anything from me like, "When are you moving out?" or "You should work more," or "You stink, take a shower." Things like that. We share beer and wine, and my dad makes dinner most nights. I feel fortunate to be in a warm, caring, supportive environment.

But, uh. I'm 24 years old and I live at home, in the suburbs with my parents. Why would I do this? It's difficult to go back home after living alone, without needing to "check" in with anyone. Granted, there's re-adjusting on both sides. On one hand, you're supposed to be an adult and take care of your own problems, but then on the other, you're still the kid, so make sure to pick up your room. That tug-of-war will never end as long as I'm here, I think.

And I have to mention one of the biggest draw backs to home, there are no one night shinanigans or silly times living at home, not that I'm prone to them entirely, but they aren't even offered on the menu when you're at home, at least when you're at my home. And isn't a lot of being young having silly times and shinanigans? Yeah, I think so too.

So, again, why would I do this? Why would a lot of young and maybe not so many young people do this right now, sacrifice the independence for hanging out with your parents on Saturday nights (maybe that's just me?), discussion about the weather, and just a little bit of a sad feeling because you're not quite a grown-up yet? Because it's smart. Smart financially.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a job right now? Not even a career job. Any old job? It's not for the weak at heart. Land of the free indeed, but I mean, Canada's economy is bouncing back more than ours (source: The Daily Show). Thus, for everyone out there living at home thinking Blah! I wish I had enough money and stability to move out, no worries. I say, let's embrace our mass return home. Let's see how dysfunctional, irrational, hilarious, patient and human these people who birthed and/or raised us are. Not too mention, figuring out how to be an adult after coming back home.

This next part I say as much for myself than anyone else, no worries about being at home. If you have parents cool enough to allow you to crash, than pat yourself on the back.

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  1. Kate I have been thinking of you alot lately with the Haiti tragedy. I was relieved to think you are safe at home. Good to take advantage of your situation. I'm always wishing you the best.